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List of Oracle SQL Tutorial Videos

Database Development has always been an evergreen role in the Information Technology field. The demand for Database Developers is still strong and there is no sign of this slowing down.

With BigData and Artificial Intelligence (which relies on quickly searching through a vast amount of data), the need for Database Developers is high.

If you would like to become a database developer, the first thing you would need to do is to learn SQL, which is an acronym for Structured Query Language.

Use the following free videos to begin learning Oracle SQL.

Course: Learn Oracle SQL
Cost: Free
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Created by: Sam Dhanasekaran

Learn Oracle SQL:

Begin Here - Installation
  1. Introduction 
  2. Install Oracle 12c in Windows 10
  3. Install Oracle SQL Developer 
  4. Connecting to an Oracle Database
Oracle RDBMS Architecture
  1. Oracle Client Server Architecture
  2. Types of Clients
  3. Oracle RDBMS
  4. Connecting to Oracle Database
  5. Connecting as a SYSDBA
Starting and Stopping Oracle Database